a derailed train of thought...


Hi, I'm Sel!
I suffer from an ever-present case of l'esprit de escalier (amongst other things), and I like lists, hence my obsession with the infinite reasons tag :)
I also adore puns and dad jokes, hence the blog title.
This is probably what the inside of my brain looks like.

Ooh and I have an ask box now! So feel free to say hi! :)

Permalink #guesswho got reacquainted with the #gym today? Ahahaha #fuzel @fuzelapp (Taken with Instagram)
Permalink Oh #gym I have missed you. #fatty #shouldgotogym (Taken with Instagram)
Permalink Went to the gym dressed like the hulk by accident…
(yes the little fatty is sucking her gut in :3) 
Happy long weekend! :)